Artwork series of 28 pictures

2001 Shooting of underlying nudes

original = digital (3608 x 2404 px / JPG)


2005 Werkschau Münchner Fotografen (DE)

2006 Café am Wiener Platz - Munich (DE)

2007 Secondlife Gallery - Munich (virtual)

2013 Silvaplana (CH)

2017 Steemit (Crypto Social Media) (in engl. & german)
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about Kaleiderotica

A journey starting in 2001 with a nude photo shoot
and some patterns created on a mac...

Production process (makingof):

  1. Digital creation of patterns in Photoshop on a Mac:
    Kaleidoscope, Organic, Fractals
  2. Printed on transparent film
  3. Projected using slide projector on the female nude
  4. Photographed on film with Nikon F100
  5. Scanned on Kodak-CD
  6. Final composition and color grading in early version of Photoshop

From digital to analog and back to digital again, crossing boundaries of media of that time...

Symetric patterns (kaleidoscope) meeting organic patterns,
and... if you carefully follow the patterns, ...
you will sometimes find traces of fractals like julia and mandelbrot,
the mystcal mathematical formulas of infinity...

How can she integrate so deeply into the patterns...

All shots were done twice: once with the girl and subsequently one shot without her,
using the exact same positioning from tripod,
shooting only the projected patterns on the white background.
This way, drop shadows could be eliminated later in post production,
as the pattern-information could shine through using photoshop layers .

The result is a female figure that melts into the pattern,
sometimes not easily to detect and therefore suitable for exhibitions in public.