2017-2019 digital watercolor paintings (aquarell) showing Venice and Burano
optimized for being printed on watercolor paper 19" x 13" (48,3 cm x 32,9 cm)



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Digital painted watercolor works

For painting with digital watercolors I use the software Rebelle
and a wacom tablet. On a second monitor I can open one of the
photographs that I took 2015 in Venice and Burano.

This is how a first sketching looks like.

first sketching by Bobby Boe

Special fading treatment for edges
(optimized for borderless printing)

As these paintings are made for beeing printed on 19" x 13" watercolor paper,
having "digital" hard borders from printing at the edges,
could disturb the impression of natural water color behaviour.

For this reason, all borders are treated with a special fade-out technique.
Painting always stops before reaching the border.
The remaining surface reveals the plain structure of the digital watercolor paper,
mixing optically with the real paper structure of the used print medium,
but fading out smoothly to the edges for natural printing results.

Printing should be done in borderless-mode
and using pigmented inks for museum exhibition.

treatment watercolor

first sketching by Bobby Boe