Artwork series of 17 paintings

1998 - 2001

original = digital (dimensions suitable for Printings bigger than 40 cm)


1998 - 2007

•  Café Tambosi
•  Café USW
•  Karstadt München Nord
•  Modehaus Peter Hahn (charity event)
•  Secondlife Gallery - Munich (virtual)

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about impressions

Digital painted pastel works

Probably these are the first digital pastel paintings,
that were
ever hanging in a public artist-exhibition.

Parts of the subjects are inspired from scenes of performing
dances like balley in europe on the one hand and folkloristic
motifs from Punta Cana (Caribbean) on the other hand.

La Preparazione

In the largest work "La preparazione",
which can be easily printed on 2 Meters width,
several works are finally mixed together,
showing the similarity of the typical situation,
minutes before rushing out onto stage,
on two locations (Germany / Dominikan Republik) very far from each other.

Especially this large painting printed on canvas looks very similar to
a traditional painting. In exhibitions very often people would not understand
what I meant with "digital painted" standing in front of the piece.
I had exhibitions with these works at a time,
when tools for digital painting had just come out.
Later I was sposored by Corel with their software "Painter",
at this time the best tool for digital simulation of analog painting methods.