the photo book project,

that after 10 Years of work,

combined with poetry written by two women,

was finally published,

2012 by Bad-Day-Solutions Verlag.

Fanterotica is a wondrous world,

with many miracles to discover and dreams to continue.

Fantasies, that emerged in the minds, not only of the artist,

but also in those of participating fairies, angels and

other mystical creatures over the course of a decade.


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about Fanterotica


There are so many stories to tell about this world...

Some one will immediately be absorbed from the mythical

spirit of Fanterotica, while others will never understand.

The female protagonists are not only playing a role,

but revealing hidden parts of their authentic inner nature.

The spectator is invited to meet seldom fairies,

that canonly be seen during full moon, shadow hunters

and the real unicorn that can only be touched by virgins.