Digital painter • photographer • photo book author

Bobby Boe, a German digital artist,
started creating artwork in the 1980‘s,
shooting his first nude at the age of sixteen.

1989 Milan - Italy

Photography & dance
After emigrating to Italy Bobby graduated
in „advanced fashion photography“ and worked
as a freelance photographer for several theaters
as well as in fashion photography.

At this time his first series of artistic nude photography
was published in the italian magazine
During this time his intense passion for dance manifested
into regular studies of classical ballet.

Bobby then was approved as a pantomime dancer by Milan Scala,
dividing his life up into photography and dance side by side.

As photographer Bobby has worked in many countries,
such as Dubai, Sardegna, the Caribbean, Australia and others.

Today he lives nearby Munich - Germany.

1996 Beginning of digital art

With upcoming digital age, Bobby took up studies
and graduated in
 Digital-Media-Design in Munich.

In 1998 his first digital pastel paintings were published as postcards.
Under the title of
“Impressions”, this series was probably the
first ever published digitally painted artwork in public exhibitions,
and therefore
requesting plenty of explanation to unbelieving visitors.

During these times he was sponsored by
Corel (Painter-Team)
and by
Adobe, and certified as an expert for photoshop.


1998 - 2002  “Impressions“
various exhibitions in cafés in Munich
• Cafe Tambosi,
• Cafe USW,
• Karstadt München Nord,
• Modehaus Peter Hahn
  and many more

2005  - 2013 “Kaleiderotica“
•  Werkschau Münchner Münchner  Fotografen,
•  Café am Wiener Platz
 - (art café owned by the famous actress Iris Berben)
•  Secondlife Munich (virtual world)
•  Silvaplana (CH)

Publishers publications

2012 – “Fanterotica“  (photo book)
published by
Bad Day Solutions Verlag Aachen